Jinling first ancient street, China famous street AAAA scenic spot
Rui Xuans houseRui Xuans house

Located on the shore of the beautiful and charming Gucheng Lake in Gaochun District of Nanjing City, 128 Ferry Gate, Southwest Gate of Gaochun Old Street, 10 minutes'drive from Gaochun Passenger Transport Center and 2 kilometers from Gaochun Light Rail Station to be put into operation, it only takes 20 minutes to drive to Yaxi International Slow City (AAAAAA class) and Youzishan National Forest Park.

The hotel is invested by Nanjing Junrui Hotel Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Zunrui Hotel Management Co., Ltd. is responsible for the full management. The hotel takes "extreme comfort, health and pleasure" as the management concept, and "the relationship between travel and people" as the management direction. While adhering to the functional configuration of pragmatism, the hotel design emphasizes the health of the passengers'body and mind, leading the hotel industry to return to the nature of accommodation. Individualized regional cultural atmosphere, the ultimate comfortable sleep experience, five-star standard pleasure services and travel humanistic care, for love of travel, health, love of reading, love of sunshine, love of coffee, unique petty bourgeoisie feelings of you to provide an excellent social space, as well as unique charm of travel rest and leisure vacation.
Ruixuan Jingshe (Nanjing Gaochun Old Street Store) will be your ideal choice for tourism, vacation, leisure and entertainment activities.
Reservation number: 400-9210-699 025-68765111
Hotel Address: No. 128 ferry port, Gaochun District, Nanjing.

Hua Jian HallHua Jian Hall
Description: the spring of ten li River is flat, and the levee is light. After painting the boat, the boat drunken against the window to see the moon. Immediately set out, meet in the flower Jian Tang.
Address: No. 131-132 Ferry Street, old street, Gaochun District, Nanjing.
Reservation number: 025-56831818
Fax: 56857799.
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