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Gaochun Old Street is located in the southwest of Chunxi Ancient Town, Gaochun County, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province. It is the most important central block of Chunxi Ancient Town. The County Ya in Ming and Qing Dynasties was located here. The old street is built near the official river. Guanxi River is the main channel of Chunxi Town, connecting Gucheng Lake and Xuxi River in the east, Yunlianghe River, Shijiu Lake and Danyang Lake in the west, which are not only the important waterways linking up Taihu Lake and Yangtze River system, but also the distribution center and economic lifeline of bulk commodity trade between southern Jiangsu and southern Anhui.

Gaochun old street is a riverside block which is vertically and horizontally intersected and distributed. It is composed of 11 streets and lanes, including Zhongshan Street (Old Street), Hebin Street, Pawnshop Lane, Chenjiaxiang, Fu Jiaxiang, Xujiaxiang, Jingxiang, Wangjiaxiang, Xiaoxiang, Jiangnan Holy Land, Guanxi Road and so on. It is named after the old streets in the longitudinal area with a total area of about 7.60 hectares. The old street was called "Zhengyi Street" in Ming and Qing Dynasties. After the change of the Republic of China, it was renamed "Zhongshan Street". After several renaming, it is still called Zhongshan Street, but the local people are accustomed to calling it "Old Street" or "Yizi Street". The street was 1135 meters long in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and now it is about 505 meters. The old street is about 3.5 meters wide, with limestone on both sides and carmine in the middle.

Gaochun Old Street distributes a large number of Ming and Qing architectural complexes. These ancient buildings are lined up by the water, with white walls, green tiles, cornices, exquisite brick, wood, stone carvings and traditional calligraphy tablets. They are simple and elegant. They are praised by Chinese and foreign scholars and tourists as the epitome of Oriental civilization and the art treasure house of ancient architecture. Among them, Wu family ancestral hall, Yang hall, Guan Wang Temple and so on are large and distinctive. In addition, the Yuhu Bridge built in the Ming Dynasty and the ancient well in the Qianlong period are also important parts of the old street architecture.

The old street in Gaochun is a commercial block at the time of its formation, so it embodies the idea of making money in the plane layout. Its plane shape is similar to that of money pocket. It shows that wealth can be gathered into pockets. Among the 11 alleys, the old street, the riverside street, the pawnshop street and the Guanxi road are basically parallel to the Guanxi River, but the other six alleys, such as Chenjiaxiang and Fujiaxiang, are basically perpendicular to the Guanxi River, and interlace with the four main roads, dividing the whole block into 15 small areas. In each residential area, the layout of the housing is generally extended in five-in-length, horizontal is also arranged in five groups, between five, that is, the width of about 1.4-2.2 meters deep alley. Looking at the entrance of the lane, do not have a kind of "two people touch the shop, deep alley line sky" ancient charm.

The merchants of Gaochun old street mainly come from Huizhou area and Taihu basin in southern Anhui Province, so the architectural style here is not only with Huizhou style, but also with the characteristics of Southern Jiangsu architecture; it shows both the simplicity and elegance of Huizhou style, but also reflects the transparency and lightness of Xiangshan style. "." From the architectural style of the old street, it also reflects its historical position as a communication corridor between the economy and culture of Jiangsu and Anhui.

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