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The protection and management of old streets in Gaochun began in the 80s of last century. In 1984, the Gaochun county government announced the protection of the old street block as a county level cultural relics protection unit.

In 1993, entrusted by Gaochun County Construction Bureau and Culture and Education Bureau, the Architecture Research Institute of Southeast University and Nanjing Planning and Design Research Institute compiled and completed the "Protective Urban Design of Zhongshan Street in Chunxi Town, Gaochun County", which is the first comprehensive protection and development plan for the old street. According to this plan, the county departments concerned have carried out a series of basic protection work for the protection and management of old streets.

In April 2001, the county people's government formulated the Technical Text of the National Ecological Demonstration Zone Construction Planning of Gaochun County, Jiangsu Province, and formulated in detail the "Planning Principles and Objectives of Chunxi Old Street", "Tourism Planning of Chunxi Old Street Scenic Spot" and "Protection Framework Planning of Chunxi Old Street Scenic Spot", so as to effectively protect and rationally utilize the Played a more important role.

In September 2001, the National Center for Historic and Cultural Cities, Shanghai Tongji Institute of Urban Planning and Design and Gaochun County Construction Bureau compiled the Plan for the Protection and Renovation of the Historic Blocks of Gaochun Old Street. The principles, connotations, themes, objectives and concrete measures of the protection work of Gaochun Old Street have important guiding significance for the future protection and development of Gaochun Old Street. At the same time, the government has also worked out the "Chunxi Historic and Cultural Town Protection Plan", "Old Street and the surrounding areas of tourism development concept plan", "Gaochun Old Street and the detailed planning of the Chengdu Dike Zone" and so on.

In order to protect and restore the historic appearance of Gaochun Old Street in an all-round way, by the end of 2008, more than 100 million yuan had been invested. According to the requirements of the Law on the Protection of Cultural Relics, the administration of Gaochun Old Street should be strengthened in accordance with the principle of "protection first, rescue first, rational utilization and management strengthening" and the principle of "repair as old as old". And take steps to gradually restore the best look of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. After more than 20 years of work, the protection of the old street has shown obvious results, the old street's original business style has been effectively protected and inherited.

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